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Did you know female engineers represent only about 13% of the total engineering workforce? 

Through the Girls Can Be Engineers children's book series, we aim to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and encourage every girl to believe in her ability to pursue a career in engineering and beyond.

Our books are centered around four themes:

Gender Equality

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Girls & Women Empowerment

Diversity & Inclusion

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Breaking Stereotypes

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"Absolutely love reading this book with my daughter; it’s very powerful to read and take note of what society says girls can do compared to what they actually can do!"

Lorraine W.

"A simple but inspiring career tale that can benefit
young readers of any gender."

Kirkus Reviewer

"I have not read this book, but the person I gave it too as it arrive just in time for bedtime book selection at our home wanted me to say to the author …… and I quote “ Girls Can Do anything”… that’s my Daughter.
Thank you for this book. Namaste 🙏🏼"

Lewis P.

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Jamila H. Lindo is a Jamaican-Portuguese American. She was born in Jamaica and grew up in both London and New York City. Lindo holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with minors in Environmental Engineering and Religious Studies.

In addition, she holds a Master of Science from Columbia University.


As a young professional, Lindo has found herself as the only woman of color in what at first seemed to be unimaginable spaces: from being an engineer in one of the largest transportation projects in the United States to being a problem solver at the top technology companies in the world: Microsoft, Meta (Formerly known as Facebook), and Amazon. She wants to remind girls that all things are possible.

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